What You Should And Shouldn't Do With Disability

What You Should And Shouldn't Do With Disability

Many people are rejected the first time when they file for social security disability. It is normally due to the fact that the SSD judge didn't feel that the evidence was strong enough to make the decision in your favor. Take heart, you are not the only one whose claim has been turned down, because it happens to almost ninety per cent of the claimants. This should prompt you to file an appeal against the rejection with the help of a ssd attorney.

If you loved this informative article and you would like to receive more information with regards to social security disability benefits login generously visit the site. I believe that the check you received through the child support system was money withheld from your children's father's back pay. Your children will be eligible for Social Security back pay as dependents for each month for which their father was eligible. (This would be true even if child support were not involved.) If you have not received their back pay within a month of their monthly checks starting, follow up with the Social Security Administration.

The information you have provided doesn't quite make sense to me. Social Security Disability (SSD) back pay is paid in a single payment, not installments. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) back pay may be paid in three monthly installments six months apart. Neither back pay is paid a little a month. I suggest that your wife recontact Social Security for clarity. If it is SSI being withheld, she could request that the back pay all be paid so that you can pay deposits and last month's rent to move into your own living quarters.

Usually when a comparison of benefits doesn't appear to make sense, some essential fact about the other party's situation is unknown. Currently, in 2014, the maximum amount of Social Security and federal SSI payment that an individual can receive is $741. For example, if you get $23.00 SSI and it is federal payment and not a state supplement, then your other countable income, including Social Security and any free/subsidized shelter or food (other than housing authority and food stamp assistance) is being counted as $718. If you have income, including in-kind income of less than $718, you can take proof to your Social Security office and ask for a recalculation.

If your children's father's benefit amount is high enough for the family maximum to be greater than his benefit, your children will receive monthly benefits and back pay to the date that their father's benefits began. I suggest that you contact a local Social Security office to apply for the children. You will need to provide your children's father's social security number and your children's birth certificates and Social Security numbers.

It is possible that you were not insured for SSDI on the date they found you to be disabled. You have to have earned twenty work credits in the ten years before the date of disability that Social Security approved. You do not say what date they found you disabled, but here's an example. If they say your medical evidence shows your disability began in February 2012, then you would have to have twenty work credits (earned at a maximum of four per year) during the ten-year period beginning before February 2007 through January 2012. It appears that you do have enough work credits for Social Security retirement when you reach retirement age.

If your husband is approved for Social Security Disability benefits and his family maximum is more than his primary insurance amount, the children will be eligible. You will also be eligible if you have children under age sixteen in your care and you are not earning too much. Note that the same amount may be payable whether or not you apply for yourself. This will be true if the children's benefits have already reached the maximum dependent benefits payable. Dependent benefits are paid for the same months for which the disabled worker is paid, including past months.

First, the determination may not have been a typographical error. Social Security may have determined that there was no evidence of disability until December 2011. Second, you are outside your sixty-day appeals period if you have been receiving benefits for two years, so the normal appeal process is not open to you. That said, if you had a traumatic onset of disability such as an accident or stroke, you might be able to make a case for a typographical error and you might be able to get Social Security to re-open administratively; but this is a long shot.

Social Security determined that you became disabled later than you claimed either because you did not have medical evidence to show you were disabled earlier or you were still working and earning too much. If you disagree and it is within sixty days of the date you received the written decision, you can appeal the disability onset date. If you do so, I suggest that to support your claim you talk with your neurologist to get his statement explaining his medical reasons for taking you off work in October 2012.

It appears that Social Security became aware that you might be eligible for disabled adult child benefits on a parent's earnings record. I am going to conjecture the following: You are probably being approved because you were disabled and not working for twelve months before your return to work. This would entitle you to a nine-month trial work period, during which benefits would be payable, plus three transitional months of benefits. After that you would not be eligible for any month in which you performed substantial gainful activity (SGA), but for could receive Medicare and automatic reinstatement of benefits if you stopped working again within thirty-six months.

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